As one of the leading manufacturers in the plastic industry, there are several important standards that we build our fundamentals on. These are the key steps we take to ensure that all our products are proven to meet government regulations as well as customers¡¦ expectations.

Compliance with Law

We follow all mandatory laws and regulations to ensure our products are government approved.

Labor and Employment

All labor performed are voluntary, fair and legal. Each staff is granted rest days as well as annual vacation leave. Wages are set at local industry standards to provide fair compensation. All terms and conditions of employment such as hiring, pay, training, promotion, termination and retirement will be treated equally among all staff. Work environment is kept safe and sanitary for all staff.

Environmental friendly

Most products that are manufactured are environmental friendly and biodegradable. We strongly believe in green products where we can recycle and reuse.

Financial Integrity

Our standard accounting practices follow the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) to keep accurate records of all business matters.

We recognize the importance of corporate social responsibility in business. By producing biodegradable and environmental friendly plastic bags, we are educating our customers in using green products. Also, child, slave, underage, forced labor will not be permitted and tolerated as all staff must accept employment voluntarily.

As a Wal-Mart Approved Supplier, our company takes great pride in our products by providing customers with the most reliable and premium plastic bags.

We are also certified under the ISO 9001:2008 standard, which is an international reference for quality management requirements in business-to-business relationships. The standard examines:

Fulfilling customers' quality requirements
Following applicable regulatory requirements
Enhancing customer satisfaction
Achieving continual performance improvement in pursuit of these objectives

Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism

The company is approved by the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism in the United States. This standard examines the company's security as well as information technology security to ensure that all data are protected against threats.

Our Certificates

The followings are the Test Report of our products, please click the images to open the detailed certificates.

PP Bag
PP Bag


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