Company Background

Tung Hang Polybags Factory was first found in 1979 by the current president and owner.

In the beginning, Tung Hang manufactured plastic bags in a small factory located in Hong Kong.

After over 30 years of development and research, the company has expanded their factory into Mainland China with more than 200 staff.

It is now an internationally recognized company with products in United States and Canada.

By providing the best-in-class service and most reliable and advanced products, Tung Hang is now one of the leading companies in the industry.

Tung Hang continues to produce outstanding products through 3 key strategies:
Constant upgrades in machineries and research in materials to ensure all products are most up-to-date, and user-friendly.
Focus on reliability and durability in all products with a diverse selection.
Most affordable prices in the market.

In the coming future, Tung Hang will strive to create more exceptional products that are catered to every customer. Through time and research, we can be the best and most reliable company in the industry with the quality you trust.

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